SntMse Educational Material Warehouse™️

What is Educational Material Warehouse™️?

The Teaching Material Warehouse™ ️(SMK) is a virtual warehouse on Google Drive™ where SntMse collects various learning materials by subject. SntMse mainly saves the unused worksheets he used in schools.

Since 2020, the music score data of the music section has been enhanced due to the connection with the AAB Music Sheets Database. By the connection, when a new score is obtained, the score can be provided from SMK at any time and in exchange, the score data in UNIS, to which AAB belongs, can also be also accessed.

In May 2021, it became independent from the projects under SMSBS, and at that time, the name of this project was changed from "SM Educational Materials Collection™️" to "SntMse Teaching Material Warehouse™". Although, the abbreviation remains to be SMK.